Why breakfast is so important for kids and adults?


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives body and brain the fuel it needs throughout the day. Besides the energy that gives us, because breakfast foods contain much of the valuable nutrients we need each day. Some research highlights that people who skip breakfast are less prone to obesity, simply because the rest of the ...

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    Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon

    The Watermelon is one fruit which has become the focus of intensive research in late times, even as more of its own health benefits are being unraveled by the day. It’s no surprise that the watermelon is so called, given its astonishing 92% water composition which makes it extremely succulent and refreshing notably in a hot weather. Interestingly, every part ...

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      10 Amazing Foods That Keeps your Heart Functioning Smooth


      The heart is one of the main components in our body. The heart pumps blood to our whole body. So we must take care of our heart in order to stay healthy. We eat a lot of foods that’s not good for our heart.We do it because we don’t know which food is good and which food is bad for ...

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        All you need to know about Kiwi to keep it in your diet

        Kiwi is short name for Kiwifruit. It’s almost of same in size and shape of a hen’s egg (large hen’s egg). It’s soft and sweet with it’s unique flavor. History:  Kiwifruit are generally grown in China. It’s one of the major Kiwi producing country, and national fruit here is “Kiwifruit”. This fruit became popular after the 2nd world war and ...

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          All You Need To Know About Raspberry To Keep It In Your Diet


          Raspberry is derived from a Latin word ‘raspise’ that means ‘sweet rose colored wine’. This word was used in old English.   There are many species of Raspberry, classified according to it’s area of production. Some are listed below: Rubuscrataegifolius- These breed is found in countries of Asia. Rubusidaeus- These breed is found mostly in European markets. Rubusparvifolius- These breed is all the ...

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            All You Need To Know About Cherry


              Cherries are one of the most popular summer fruit in United States.They are basically of two types, sweet (P.avium) and sour (P.cerasum). Highest cultivator of cherry is Turkey, followed by United States and Iran. History: Cherry is derived from French word ‘cerise’, Spanish word ‘cereza’, Turkish word ‘kiraz’, all are originated from a Latin word ‘cerasum’. Cultivation: Mostly sweet cherries (P.avium) are cultivated more than sour cherries (P.cerasum). ...

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              Egg: Know the Benefits of This Amazing Foods and Keep it in Your Diet


              You know, Eggs are very flexible foods in your kitchen. They work well variety ways on their own, add structure and witness to cooked goods and supplement both lovely and delicious recipes. They provide a range of natural vitamins, healthy value, and other healthy value while containing just 72 calories in a big egg. Eggs are a well known wealthy ...

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                What Are The Almond Benefits


                Almond color is off- white and a very delicious food. It’s full of natural vitamins, nutrients, proteins, and fibers, and associate with a number of health advantages. Just a number of almonds, roughly 1 ounce, contains one-eighth of our everyday proteins needs. There are two kinds of Almonds, Sweet and Bitter. Sweet almonds are fit for human consumption, while bitter almonds ...

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                  12 Vitamin C Rich Foods


                  Vitamin C is a vital, actually happening supplement. From counteracting colds and influenza, modifying tissue, bones and blood vessels, to boosting the body’s capacity to incorporate calcium, vitamin C is something we require regularly. The accompanying rundown of sustenance high in vitamin C will educate you how to super-accuse your eating routine of a noteworthy serving of this fundamental supplement. ...

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                    Some Helpful Strawberry Benefits For Health


                      The wellness advantages of Strawberry include enhanced eye care, appropriate thinking processes, comfort from great blood pressure. And also joint illness, gouty joint illness pain and various cardiovascular diseases. The amazing polyphenol and antioxidant content of berries make them good for improving the protection mechanisms, avoiding against various types of cancers, and for lowering the symptoms of early aging. Strawberry ...

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