Heart Attack: All You Need To Know About It

Heart Attack is “Myocardial Infarction (MI)” that is actually a permanent damage to heart muscles, where “Myo” means muscles, “cardial” refers to heart and last but not the least “infarction” means death of tissues due to lack of blood supply (if the heart fails this is surely going to happen).It kills billions of people on this planet every year. Let’s know some heart attack symptoms.


heart attack: all you need to know about it

What happens during an attack?

As we all know our whole body needs a continuous supply of blood and oxygen to function, but during the heart attack, this main function stops and our arteries become narrow making it very tough to perform circulation of blood and oxygen throughout our body. Within a fraction of seconds, it permanently damages our heart’s muscle cells, and finally causing a heart attack.
Amount of damage to our heart depends upon a number of blocked arteries that became narrow and the amount of time between Heart Attack and its treatment. So we must treat it as soon as possible. These permanently damaged arteries begin to heal itself just like a normal skin wound does, but its takes around one-two months to get healed properly. But just like skin wounds, it’ll leave some scars like, less pumping ability unlike before.

Important Note:

These following symptoms may or may not be exactly in all cases. You are suggested to go to a doctor and get checked if you are in doubt. But make sure to visit the doctor as this might lead you to terrifying attack, ever imagined?

Symptoms of Heart Attack?

Generally, symptoms of attack are hard to understand. Actually, it’s really hard to understand by a normal person like us to confirm that it’s an attack. These Bollywood and Hollywood movies gave us a lot of rumours that heart attack come’s suddenly, but the fact is it’ll notify you much earlier but all it need is a person that can identify it and get diagnosed. That’s the reason, it’s hard to identify. Facing with chest pain is common. They face a lot of variety of symptoms. Some of them are listed below: –

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Chest pain:

This is the most common symptom. It’ll generally strike for few minutes and vanishes off. The pain could also spread from chest to back, shoulders, arms, neck, etc. This is totally normal if we’re soon going to have an attack.

Mouth ache:

People have also reported having faced toothaches, pain in the jaw, gums and regions near the mouth. This may make you feel like you need to to the dentist, but now we know what it can be, right?

Breathing issue:

This is also a common symptom. In this, the patient is not able to breathe properly, thus unable to do hard workouts in the gym. This might not be asthma, so we should go and get checked by the doctor as soon as possible.


The patient might have a strong feeling that they are going to lose control and vomit badly. But generally it’s just a feeling, so just chill. And this symptom is most common in females than in males.

Stomach ache:

Many patients misunderstood this symptom and had an attack soon. One might feel a sharp pain near the abdomen. It doesn’t matter you were empty stomach or full, if it’s an indication towards a future attack, one will surely feel this pain.

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Many of the patients reported to have face cold sweating. Unlike to normal person’s warm sweat these patients faced with cold sweat that is really very uncommon. So we must be alert to find it out!

Burning feeling:

Yes, you read right! Feeling of something is burning inside your chest area that’ll keep you guessing like- “Seriously???”, “Is something really burning inside! Is that my heart or my lungs?”, “Am I in love!!!”, and blah blah blah. No dear, it’s just a feeling nothing else. And love? It’s definitely not that. We’re talking about some serious disease here.

Arm pain:

It’s also common, but on the left arm mostly. It can be on right arm or on both. The patient will feel that his/her arms are the strongest arm (heavy actually), but that’s just an illusion. This can reach till our wrist and fingers too.

Shoulder pain:

This is also one of the most common symptoms. It can start from the shoulder blades to whole back, in general cases if starts and ends on the blades (shoulder blades).

Approximately, 1/4th patients didn’t encounter with any symptoms, but still had an attack. So this can be our point to be noted.



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