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Weight loss is the top most desire for men and women any where to loose weight without even lifting a finger or without giving up on their favorite food (generally junk food).


Unfortunately, this theory has no existence. Maybe in the future but it does then we’ve got something that comes pretty close. So you might want to listen up. So today I’m going to demonstrate the super fun and crazy Japanese technique for weight loss and the best but is it does not involve dieting.

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It’s a Working out and it can be done anywhere anytime because it’s completely free and so one don’t need decrease the weight of their pockets to reduce some fats from their body. So A Japanese doctor did research about this. He found out that any extra layer of fat or any excess layer of fat at the belly simply cause you to the misplacement of the Fed this. Once he discovered this he came up with this simple method of we’ve lost which only have to do with that the placement of the bed.

All this technique involves is laying down in a particular position. Three times a day for five minutes. Not even though the sound super easy it’s really unfair as in to lie in the same way for five minutes. You don’t need to start by doing this much. You can start by doing it once a day for three minutes only and gradually build it up as you have been the strength.

So for this what you have to do is basically sit on the floor and please avoid up doll it up against the small of your back on the floor. Made sure the dollar decides to meet I feel. Because you don’t want this to under your peacefully trying to do is read and you’re in between the stick and so after you’ve done this leave back against the dollar and stretch out your arms and legs.

Your pinky finger as a need to be touching each other and point get those in would tell you through big doors that in each other staff stay out at the ceiling and try to stretch your arms and legs. It’s actually quite uncomfortable. So don’t go crazy and try to kill yourself on the fourth goal. It’s time and slowly eases into it. This exercise is also known to reduce back pain.

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Now before you were leveling this as Vaclav because it sounds do simply to actually work. So I have and do it for yourself foot. So clearly the doctor was on the something good deal more already got to a doctor who duty for making the world a sexy or place.

That’s it,Keep practicing to get better at it and loose weight easily.



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