How to deal with malabsorption of nutrients in kids?

Malabsorption affect infant growth and development. So it needs proper treatment as soon as possible. Let’s see what is the infant malabsorption treatment below:-




Malabsorption of food caused by the damage of the small intestine, or because the child is small, insufficient digestive enzymes in the stomach, liver, bile, parents feed their children too much, even in digestive substances, or whatever the reason might be. Thus, children will be less absorption of food.

When poor absorption of food appears, children become easier to get digestive disorders, may be going to indigestible stool, eat more but the body is still thin. Moreover, this case can lead to tympanism, flatulence, and anorexia. If this situation lasts, it can cause malnutrition and anemia in children.

How to treat malabsorption of food:-

Parents having children in the state of food malabsorption should change their child’s diet.

Below are few tips: –

  •  Eat enough quantity required according to the needs of young ones. If active children eat too little, they will not gain weight. So it is necessary to feed them enough to the needs of each child. Besides, it should be remembered that digestive ability, absorption of food is different, a child may be enough but to other children, it is still lacking. It indicated that one should recheck the diet of that particular kid.
  • Nutrient enough: If children only eat a lot without enough protein and fat, they are difficult to gain weight. But if children overeat then hardly absorb.
  • Eat with a variety: If only eaten one kind of food, the children may lack some substance from other foods and they will not have an inclusive growth.
  • Eating excess: For example, 6-month children are at the early weaning stage, so they should eat then add ½ cup rice flour soup, remaining mostly milk every day. 8-month children need only 2 times to eat porridge, ½ cup per meal. In porridge with 1 tablespoon minced meat, 1 tablespoon vegetable soup and 1 tablespoon oil. Do not eat too much because this time, children do not have digestive ferment enough, leading to difficulties in absorbing food.


If one wants additional products to support digestion to children to easily absorb food, they should only add probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria to the human body (Probiotics), that normally live in the intestines. It plays a very important role in the digestive tract, particularly the digestive system of children. Probiotics’ job is to change dietary fibers, food that doesn’t digest in the small intestine out into lactic acid, acetic, butyric, bulk vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, hormones and other important nutrients. It also generates gasses like NH3, CO2, and H2S. The process of change that calls for fermentation, by which food digest completely.

In addition, probiotics are live competitively with pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi help children overwhelmed by diarrhea, constipation stimulates the immune system and increases the body’s resistance. When volume increases beneficial bacteria, food will digest and be absorbed completely, helping children grow. Currently, there are probiotics extracted from Korean kimchi is good for baby’s health.

Use drug in only an absolutely necessary situation and that too with the doctor’s prescription.


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