Makeups Can Cause Kidney Failure And Cancer!

Talking about makeup, every girl these days do this every now and then to look prettier, younger, sexier, and lot more reasons…Because of this increased usage many expensive brands have evolved and made makeup a trend. Makeup products are expensive. The market for these products are increasing rapidly as compared to any other everyday use products available in the market till date. Experts say that its usage has increased tremendously in last 5 years and it’ll increase with more speed in future for sure. It’s like a trend. Not actually like a trend, it is a trend in fact. Approximately 5 out of 10 women feel unattractive or unnoticed without makeup. So now one might get the idea of it’s craze in today’s generation.




Now a day’s rumors are spreading about these products that they cause side effects to the brain, skin and even kidney. No! They are not just another rumor spread by haters, it’s true. Let’s check this out in a bit detail: –


Harmful chemicals present in makeup products:

  • Lead-

Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal. It’s present in almost each and every makeup product. It is extremely toxic if it enters the bloodstream of the human body. It can cause neurological disorders and also cancer. Lead are commonly found in lipsticks, lip liners, lipglosses, eye liners, nail paint, eye shadows, hair dyes, and so on.

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  • Toluene-

This toxic chemical in none other than paint thinner. It causes neurological disorders. It also damages the nervous system of the body. Generally it is  found in nail paints. Small quantity of toluene is also present in hair dyeing products.

  • Parabens-

This chemical is widely used as a precaution in the makeup products. It helps to stop the growth of bacteria in those products. This chemical can cause breast cancer. Parabens are generally found in products like shampoo and conditioner,shower gel, lotions, beauty cream, and so on.

  • Talc-

Talc is a mineral also found in these beauty products. It can cause ovary cancer. So this means this is also one of the dangerous content found in makeup stuffs. Talc are present in products like baby powder, lipstick, face mask, eye shadow and even in deodorant.

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  • Cadmium-

Cadmium is the most toxic and dangerous thing that can be found in makeup products. They could damage the kidney and bone. It makes the bones brittle and could also force the kidneys to fail or stop working. There is even chance of suffering from cancer. This content is generally found in eye shadow, eye liner, eye primer, and even in kajal of some brands.

  • Benzophenones-

This chemical attacks on the skin. It can cause lot of skin problems like, skin rashes. They are found in products like nail paint, deodorant, lip balm, perfume, baby sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and so on.

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Last but not the least, we would recommend the users of these makeup products to use these products safely. One must check the ingredients table on the product for assurance. Now it’s all depends on thinking, “Is your health important or your makeuping attitude!”. That’s all for this post, Wish you good health!


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