Some Quick Recipes for Working Ladies to Save Time

The growing number of opportunities has really made it feasible for women to pursue the career they want to see themselves in. Women are turning from a stay at home mothers to full-time career women or even work at home mothers.

Food is an important part of all our homes and coming home to a table that’s excellent dishes cooked by mom/wife is what the family looks forward to. Yet, how can the woman juggle kids the home and deadlines at the workplace?

A little planning is a secret to truly being the perfect lady! You can have a great meal at your dining table and also be the hero in the board room in time. These are a few of the techniques of quick recipes that you can use as a working woman to save time:


Some Quick Recipes for Working Ladies to Save Time


  • Strategy in advance. It is necessary that you plan your whole week in advance. With your busy work program weekdays are going to be really tough and so it’d be best to chalk out plans for the entire week so that you are well-prepared.

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  • You can go to the supermarket over the weekend to buy groceries, it helps you save time over the working days, and also the planning time of what meal to be prepared.
  • Buy the meat needed in advance. Based on the recipes that you have determined for the week buy the chicken, lamb or some meat of your choice and also all the other ingredients.
  • You can cut the vegetables over the weekend, so that there’s less work when you make meals in the working week.
  • Sandwiches, soups, salads and pizzas are great for a day when you do have a very tight schedule.

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Odds are in case you are looking for healthy and quick recipes, you are attempting to lose weight or need to eat healthier. There are lots of ways that we can eat healthier. The single reason why we don’t do them is because we are too stubborn sometimes.

The first recipe that you can cook is banana bread. The ingredients to use are quite simple: salt, flour, milk, eggs, and bananas. What you could do is to replace the milk with yogurt, and cut back on the salt. Replacing the milk with yogurt, the calories trimmed down and give an alternate flavor to the cake. This recipe is much healthier than eating a chocolate chip cookie or cupcake.

The second on the listing of healthy cooking recipes is beef and broccoli. A standard misconception is the fact that you can’t eat meat if you are on a diet. The truth is you can eat chicken as long as it’s blended with the right ingredients. Replacing the usual cooking oil with olive oil, for example, adds lots of health benefits and makes the dish taste better. The right mix of sesame oil, soy sauce and oyster sauce makes this dish a wholesome favorite.

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Healthful cooking recipes need not taste bland. It’s about creativity and the use of delectable ingredients to spice up them. You’ll be surprised at how you feel and how good your body looks after getting used to eating healthy. You are also less prone to diseases since your own immune system is more secure.


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