Stress: Health Problems And Overcoming Tips

Let’s start with What exactly this word stress means! In short stress is the body’s reaction to situations (tough situations). Whenever the body feels threatened or scared a chemical reaction takes place inside the body, this reaction is named as “fight or flight”, it’s just a stress response. It increases the blood pressure, increases the rate of heart beats and increase in breathing speed. It simply helps in performing better if one work on it properly. Stress keeps one more attentive or alert. It either helps from getting hurt or motivates to perform better.

There’s a saying in English, “Every different situation of life demands a different you”, which means every situation in life, it might be as silly as watching TV or playing a sport or studying for exams or exercising, everywhere different level of force or the passion to to that particular task is required. This work is done by this magical abstract known as stress.

In simple words, stress either builds you up or protects from getting hurt, nothing else. But as we all know everything in too much quantity is not good for health.

Health problems due to over stress:


  • Pain-

One might suffer from pain, generally back, chest, neck, head or elbows. Sometime all of them.

  • Sleep-

Over stressing may lead to more sleep or else very little amount of sleep. Body may want to relax by sleeping more or else body might want to work by not sleeping much.

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  • Digestion-

Due to stress even the digestive system doesn’t digest food properly. It slows up the process of digestion.

  • Depression-

Of course, too much worries will make anyone to feel depressed.

  • Heart problems-

It can also lead to mild attacks, sometimes major too.

  • Memory-

One might suffer from memory lose or finding it difficult to learn something or to recall something.

  • Poor judgments-

Being indecisive is normal during over stress.

  • Negative feeling-

One finds it difficult, sometimes very difficult to look forward in a positive way, thus choosing the negative way which leads to negative feelings or thoughts.

  • Over worrying-

They will worry too much even on unnecessary talks.

  • Lack of concentration-

One would definitely find it very difficult to focus on something sometimes.

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  • Anger-

It often leads to getting angry even on silly reasons. Over yelling can also be a part of it.

  • Loneliness-

One will tend to prefer spending time alone than to be social.

  • Decreased interest in sex-

It also deceases interest of having sex due to lot of stress and worries.

  • Eating more-

Over eating is also a reason many time, as the mind doesn’t have any idea of what to do and what not to.

  • Alcohol, drugs or cigarette consumption to relax-

It’s the human tendency to get attracted towards shitty stuffs like alcohol, tobacco or drugs while over stressed. This might help relaxing for a while, but it’ll make one addicted to these stuffs.

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How to reduce stress level?

  • Relax:

Relaxing helps magical in reducing over stress. It’ll create peace in one’s mind and will help to calm down.

  • Exercise:

Going for a walk or running or gym workouts might help to distract the mind from that specific stress load.

  • Get social:

Get social, call up the friends, meet new people, spend quality time with them. This’ll help making one happy.

  • Focus on healthy diet:

Eating healthy food not just makes one physically strong but also mentally.






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