Making Child Feel Comfortable Made Easy Even During Teething Problem!

When a baby falls at the age of 6-month teething problem begins. When teething problem begins baby become very much busy than usual. Usually, it happens because of soreness and swelling in the gums before a tooth comes through. Below are some tips how to overcome the teething problem of a baby.


How to overcome the teething problem: –

The process of tooth development: –

Time of normal teething in infants is 6 months of age, however, this time is not a fixed one. Children’s teeth can grow quite soon or later.

Almost until 2-3 years old, generally children will have approximately 20 teeth.

Milk teeth usually grow in a specific order:

  • – The two under incisors (middle incisors)
  • – Four over four teeth (middle and lateral incisor)
  • – The two under incisors (lateral incisors)
  • – The first molars (over and under, left and right)
  • – Four eye-teeth (over and under, left and right)
  • – The remaining molars

Permanent teeth will appear to replace the original teeth in age from 6-7 years old. Permanent teeth grow also in the order of baby teeth earlier. Usually, permanent teeth will push milk teeth when they grow up or may be down.

Comfortable on teething:-

Skills in child health care to help children feel more comfortable on teething. So the question is“How to identify teething signs?”. Only when you observe that the kid likes to bite objects, such as spoons, or too much slobber is flowing then parents start to pay attention to.

Some children will cry and stir than usual in the teething stage. That’s because gums become painful and swollen when teeth erupt through. This phenomenon usually begins before 3 to 5 days then new teeth sprout and can be seen. The pain and discomfort will go away as soon as the teeth erupting out of gums.

Biting fingers or toys just help kids to reduce pressure on gums. Children can also leave their meals or drinks untouched because of painful mouth. Some of them get slobber to flow, which makes the face, chin or chest be rash.

However, these conditions are just side effects, one doesn’t need to worry much about this issue. But if the conditions are prolonged and more severe, one must take the kid to a doctor right away.


The ways of child health care in teething stage to make it easier:-

Mothers may consult some tips to help kids feel more comfortable on teething. Give their baby mild painkillers indicated for the age of the child, for example, acetaminophen or ibuprofen taste sweet.

  • Give your baby a mild painkiller indicated for the age of the child, for example, acetaminophen or ibuprofen taste sweet. Never give any child aspirin (especially under 20 months of age) to avoid Reye syndrome, although rare, can be fatal. It is best to consult a doctor when one tends to take any medication to intervene in kid’s pain.
  • Use finger (cleaned) rub gently in kid’s gums every 2 minutes. Many children will find very pleasant, although at first they may not like and react. They might feel awkward at first, but later they’ll enjoy.
  • Let children chew, bite tooth root … or nipple ring silicon …

Many parents also apply a gel to gums for children, but one must make sure by the doctor about the usage of that particular product.

One must actively ask the doctor about the process of the child’s teeth, especially when you find out extraordinary signs or abnormal teeth grew late because during that period of time things will be more manageable then they’ll be later.


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