All You Need To Know About VITAMIN A

The vitamin plays a vital role in our body to keep us healthy and protect us from the disease. Every vitamin has a different role. Vitamin A is very important to our body. It helps good vision, protect skin and maintain immune system and what not! Well in this post we will figure out some benefits of Vitamin A and effects due to deficiency of it:


Health benefit of Vitamin A

Vitamin A falls under unsaturated nutritional organic compounds group. This group also includes retinoic acid,retinol, retinal & several pro-vitamins A carotenoid. This vitamin is important for development & growth,good vision,healthy skin,neurological function and maintain the immune system,build strong bones, regulate gene regulation, maintain healthy clear skin, facilitate cell differentiation, and lot more.

This kind of vitamin is also important for good vision. It also protects the Cornea. Vitamin A eye drops is used as the treatment of dry eye. Macular degeneration (AMD) which is the leading cause of age-related blindness that prevent by it.

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Strong Immune system depends on Sufficient Vitamin A. Strong Immune system boost so many different kinds of cells in our body. It helps the immunity of children and reduces 24% of mortality in middle and low-income countries.

This particular sort of vitamin is an Essential for Healthy and glowingskin. It uses as treatments for severe acne and psoriasis since the 1980s by Synthetic retinoid. Formation of comedones is prevented by this vitamin which is responsible for normal forms of acne.


Indication of  Vitamin A Deficiency

Dry, flaky skin happens because of vitamin A deficiency. Because of the deficiency of this vitamin, children may have compromised vision or complete blindness. Thin, brittle or lightening hair is common for children without it. In developing country approximately 250,000–500,000 children each year becoming blind because of vitamin A deficiency. The deficiency of this vitamin reduces child mortality,increases the risk of death from diarrhea in Childhood condition. Deficiency of vitamin A could lead to a thickening of the cornea, lead to blindness. Skin will dry,scale and follicular thicken because of vitamin A deficiency. Pregnant women will suffer from night blindness because of vitamin A.

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Source of food

  • Spinach- per 1 cup 105% DV & 943.29 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Kale- per 1 cup 98% DV & 885.36 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Mustard Greens- per 1 cup 96% DV & 865.90 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Collard Greens- per 1 cup 80% DV & 722.00 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Beet Greens- per 1 cup 61% DV & 551.09 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Turnip Greens- per 1 cup 61% DV & 549.00 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Swiss Chard- per 1 cup 60% DV & 535.85 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Winter Squash- per 1 cup 59% DV & 535.36 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Romaine Lettuce- per 2 cup 45% DV & 409.37 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Bok Choy- per 1 cup 40% DV & 361.16 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Celery- per 1 cup 3% DV & 22.67 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Cilantro- per 0.50 cup 3% DV & 26.99 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Apricot- 1 whole 4% DV & 33.70 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Leeks- per 1 cup 5% DV & 42.22 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Watermelon- per 1 cup 5% DV & 43.24 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Green Beans- per 1 cup 5% DV & 43.75 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Cow’s milk- 4 oz 6% DV & 56.12 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Grapefruit- 0.50 medium 7% DV & 59.33 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Brussels Sprouts- per 1 cup 7% DV & 60.45 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Eggs- 1 each 8% DV & 74.50 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Sweet Potato- per 1 cup 214% DV & 1921.80 Amount (mcg RAE)
  • Carrots- per 1 cup 113% DV & 1019.07 Amount (mcg RAE)


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