Foods and best time to have them

We receive food for the well-being of hunger and physical. Many people do not know that which food when to eat. In other words, you may have taken in the morning the night, when receiving the food in the morning and again at night, you’re taking the food intake of the body that will work magical for. Here will know about meat’s,rice’s,banana’s,chocolate’s,yogurt’s, nut’s,apple’s,potato’s, tomato’s and orange’s right time to eat.



Refreshing on this diet at evening. Increases resistance to disease. It took four or five hours to digest that prevent digest power. At night it should not be eaten.


Rice produces plenty of carbohydrates which provide the energy for the whole day. At night it will increase weight. So it’s preferably good to eat in morning rather than at night if one is not focusing on weight gain.

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Eat at noon to improve the immune system and also for the beautiful skin. Digestion and induced mucus can be a problem in the night.


Eating Chocolate in the morning make skin beautiful with anti-oxidant and reduces the risk of heart disease.


Yogurt playing at night it helps digestion of food. If you eat in the morning on an empty stomach it will form large amounts of acid.


Nuts reduce high blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. A large amount of fat and calories it may increase weight.


Reduce the amount of blood sugar and cholesterol. Apple takes the time to digest at night and increases the amount of stomach acid. And anyways it should be eaten daily, the very famous quote says “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.

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Potatoes in the morning help to reduce cholesterol and fulfill the lack of minerals. A lot of calories will result in weight gain.


In the morning helps to increase energy and metabolism. Eating in the night Pectin and oxalic acid secreted in the stomach which lead Stomach leavened.


Orange evening helps digestion, increase energy and metabolism. Playing in the morning on an empty stomach to stomach gas.


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  1. Great information. after this i will eat daily food according to nature.

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